【Upgrade Timer Version】LED Plant Grow Light , Florally Twin Head Clip On 18W Adjustable 5 Level Dimmable Desktop Grow Lights Lamp Bulb Clamp Flexible Gooseneck For Indoor Plants Hydroponics Greenhouse Gardening Computers Desk Office Task Lighting USB Bedside Lamp (Adapter Not Included)

  • Florally plant growing light gives off targeted wavelengths (460nm and 660nm) lights which can be fully absorbed by plants to help accelerate the growth of indoor plants, potted plants, foliage plants, flowering plants, succulent plants. It can rapidly improve the health of plant and growing, generally leaves grooming within 2 weeks of using this growing lamp on a daily basis.
  • LED grow lights are an increasingly popular choice for indoor plant growing. They deliver more intense light output with less energy and heat production. Compared to high pressure sodium, fluorescent, high- intensity discharge or incandescent lamps, they have a much longer life. Hydroponic Grow Light helps accelerate the growth of indoor plants. Rapidly improve the health of plant and growing. Energy saving, low heat and low power consumption, high luminous efficiency and long service life.
  • 36 LED plant growing beads(24 red & 12 blue). Ultra bright, lower heat and lower power consumption, high luminous efficiency and long service life. FLEXIBLE Gooseneck. It is easy to adjust the light towards any directions if the plants need. Adjustable 5 level dimmable. You can adjust the brightness of the light and the distance between the light and plant according to plant needs. Height: 20-inch , Neck lenth: 14-inch, Clamping range up to 2.3-inch, Cord length: 59-inch
  • USB connector, you can choose to plug into a wall outlet or an USB interface. Compact design, strong metal clip, 3 ways to fix the clamp (Clip, Screw or Stick). It can be placed anywhere you want to put. Easy to install at your home or office. Can be widely used indoor with a wide variety of plats.Easy to install at your home or office. Especially for OFFICE DESK PLANTS USE, convenient to operate.
  • BLUE & RED LIGHT RESPECTIVELY, both of the 2 colors light are respectively esist of 1st level/ 2nd level/ 3rd mode, 5 lever brightness. You can adjust the brightness of the light as plants need. Depends on the type of plant being cultivated, the stage of cultivation.

How does it work ?

12 blue LEDs : 12pcs with wavelength of 460nm ,Blue light is more necessary for Chlorophyll and Carotenoid which are necessary for healthy leaves; Good for photosynthesis; best for promoting the stem and leaf .
24 red LEDs : 24pcs with wavelength 620-660nm . Red light is rich sources and more efficient ; Beneficial for photosynthesis , best for blooming and fruits or seed production , and is the key for flowering plants .

Intelligent timer switch.
Switch button:
Press one time to turn on A head.
Press two times to turn on B head,turn off A head.
Press three times to turn on both A and B head.
Press four times to turn off.

Dimming button:
5 knids of brightness level.Press to adjust the brightness.

Timing button:
Press one time, red indicator light on, 3 hours timer on.
Press two times,blue indicator light on, 6 hours timer on.
Press three times,red+blue indicator light on, 12 hours timer on.
Press four times,indicator light off,cancelled timer.

1. Would be better to keep the distance between the light and plant in 20-25cm.
2. Generally this grow light should be turned on for 8-12 hours every day.

Package included:
1*LED grow light

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