200w CFL “Dual Spectrum” Hydroponics Low Energy Grow & Flower Lamp, Bulb + E40 4.5m Light Pendant

  • 6400/2700k Spectrums (Grow & Flowering Stage)
  • Self-Ballasting Lamp – Just plug & grow, no need for expensive heavy ballast.
  • 8,000hrs active life – 4 x longer than HPS Lamps
  • Includes E40 Light Pendent 4.5m cable

Includes: Quality E40 Ceramic CFL Lamp Holder. Fully Insulated Solid Metal Cap Fitting with 4.5m Heavy Duty Flex, fitted UK plug 200w CFL “Dual Spectrum” Grow Lamp CFL Dual Spectrum Lamps have both Blue spectum (Vegging Stage) and Red Spectrum (Flowering Stage). Ideal for: Propagation, Cuttings, Vegetative & Flowering Stages A great new edition to this increasingly popular range, we’re sure the self-ballasted lamps (CFL) will become just as popular. They’re ideal for: •Propagation •Vegging Stage •Flowering Stage •Over wintering plants •Side lighting •Mother Plants 200w CFL – Most Powerful, Low Energy Lamps Available! Costs LESS than 1p per hour to run! (Based on a standard electricity tariff of 10p per 1kw) Lamp Features: •Low energy, high output lamps – No wasted light or electricity! Your plants will use 100% of lamps light spectrum. •100% Power factor – Cheap unbranded CFL’s have a power factor of 40-50% which means they use “twice” as much voltage & amps which can and will easily burn out lamps components, causing potential fire hazard. •100% Correct PAR- (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) •Self-Ballasting Lamp – Just plug & grow, no need for expensive heavy ballast. •8,000hrs active life – 4 x longer than HPS Lamps. •Very low running costs – Less than 2p per hour. •Will not burn your plants – Can be positioned 2-3cm above. •Much less odours from your plants – Due to very little heat output of lamp. •Highest Lumen Output. •E40 Screw Type Fitting. •Total Length: 36cm •Tube Length: 22cm •Diameter: 11cm. •Weight: 1 kg. Why Choose CFL Lamps ?? Plants only need two light spectrum’s during their whole life cycle. Only the Blue Spectrum 6400k during their growth stage, then only the Red Spectrum 2700k during their Flowering Stage, any other light spectrum is wasted! Our lamps have 100% correct spectrum which gives your plant exactly what it needs.

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