Beautiful floor lamp vintage model theme spotlight

  • Nickel Finish Spotlight
  • Total height 96.5 centimeters / 38 inches
  • 18 cm / 7 inches top to bottom 21 cm/ 8 inches front to back
  • Tripod measures : 74 cm/ 29 inches

This lamp is made using ships head light design mounted on floor stand / tripod

Beautiful article , you can focus any item with its dim light spot like any painting , Bar etc.

we have used brass , aluminum and wood in its manufacturing

Classic home decoration article /

It will be come along with respective country standard wiring and will be working on 40 W, 60 W , 100 W bulb

This does not contain light bulb because of safety measures, you will need standard screwed bulb to use along with the lamp

Lowest Price: £49.84
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