Candle Factory Big Jumbo Purple Lavender Scented Candle Lemongrass 306059

This purple jumbo oil with lavender lemon grass fragrance Burn with a quiet Rußarmen flame clean. It really is to start even happen that you the flame burns a hole and a wax edge at the glass interior stops, but gradually removes. They are perfect for use in the great outdoors or for example on covered tables.
The pure stearin will be packed securely by our professional team in a high quality glass Christmas tree cast, which is extremely heat resistant. It also protects from leaks and splashes the candle, so that the safety tealight holder makes a great candles in lanterns or on Adventskränzen can be used, for example. With the glass lid, the burning candle can easily.
– Colour: Violet
– Height: approx. 21 cm
– Diameter: approx. 7 cm
– Average burn time 100 hours
, Fragrance: Lavender Lemongrass
Box Contents:
– 1 big jumbo candle tea light holder

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