Carpet Beetle Advanced killing poison spray treatment 5L

  • No smell during or after use * Strong and Lasting effect
  • No Fire Risk * No Storage Risk
  • Full strength ready to use product no mixing * Cypermethrin .92%
  • Effective against most insect pests

Cypermethrin is a synthetic pyrethroid, a natural insecticide which is contained in chrysanthemum flowers. This insecticide works by inhibiting the sodium within the insects as well as other receptors and therefore quickly interrupts their central nervous system. An excellent neurotoxin against many insect pests. With more and more insect pest issues becoming apparent, this is the perfect way for the amateur user to control their pest problem safely and effectively. AGRO C is an excellent water based RTU insecticide product with amateur & Professional use approval. Its high residual action with makes this a very effective product against a wide range of insects. There is no staining or smell once dry. In tests, this has proved to be an excellent product to use! With a very low odour once applied to affected area this should provide protection for up to 4 weeks unless a complete extermination has taken place. Applications: For use indoors on hard non porous surfaces, hard and soft furnishings, including carpets, pet bedding and other places where pets lie. In domestic situations and for professional use in public areas. SURFACE SPRAY: Apply the product slightly wetting the surfaces that are to be protected

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