Carpet Beetle Killer Spray, Powder and Fogger Kit for the Home

  • A Government tested, HSE approved Carpet Beetle Killer package for the home
  • 2 x The Ultimate One Click Total Release Fogger 150ml
  • Simply click the button and leave the room, leaving all drawers, cupboards, wardrobes and bedding open to the smoke released. Ideal for use in bedrooms, lounges and bathrooms. The Insecticide smoke will immediately knock down and kill any Beetle in the area.
  • 1 x 500ml Carpet Beetle Killer Spray: Protector C Insect Killer spray is simple to use – simply spray on carpets, windows, anywhere where the Insects are present, and once absorbed, the spray will leave a residual effect that will kill any Beetles that land on the sprayed surfaces.
  • 400g Residex P Insect Killer Powder: To be applied to skirting areas, windowsills and infested areas where Beetles have been seen Crawling as well as where spray is either not safe (near electrical goods and plug sockets) or difficult to apply.

A Government tested, HSE approved Carpet Beetle Killer Kit for the home, safe, simple and proven to work.

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