Carpet Moth Killer – Kills Moth – GUARANTEED! 1 litre

  • A water based moth killer for use on carpets and oriental rugs (also curtains, upholstery and taxidermy)
  • Safe and easy to use in the home even with children & pets (always READ THE LABEL)
  • Carpet Moth Killer will not change the look or feel of your fitted carpet or valuable rugs
  • Instant and long lasting protection. 1 litre spray bottle covers 50-100 sq metres
  • Kills Moths, Eggs, Larvae and Carpet Beetle

Carpet Moth Killer has been specifically formulated for use on fitted carpets and oriental rugs. It really does do what it says on the bottle. It instantly kills the adult moth, the moth larvae that cause the damage and the eggs. Carpet Moth Killer then goes on protecting your fitted carpet or rug for up to six months letting you enjoy your home without carpet moths enjoying it too. The spray is non-staining and safe for you, your children and your pets (always read the label), making it ideal for complete home coverage. It is so easy to use. Carpet Moth Killer is supplied ready to use in a trigger spray bottle. Remove pets and children from the room. Lightly spray the back and front of your rug (just a misting). For fitted carpet, spray the front only. Leave to dry which shouldn’t take more than one hour. No more moths, and no risk of moths on that carpet or rug for up to six months. Do check the hundreds of fantastic reviews we have received!!

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