Christmas Mantle Decorations

Christmas Decoration photoYou do not need to shell out a lot of money on Christmas mantel decorations, but if you’re like us then the best thing is just to take some stuff you already own and create something original. This year I thought I would give my mantel a make over by using some modern mantel decorations I had around the house. There are really so many beautiful mantels that are so beautiful in their own right that you would never guess that they are part of an old-fashioned home. Here are eight very unique Christmas mantel decorations for next year!
Christmas Decoration photo

Angelic birds are so beautiful! It has a headband that comes off so that you can look at the angelic features. You’ll find this angel on many mantels, including mine. A white ribbon goes around it, but I just love this angel because it’s so beautiful. What’s nice about this one is that it’s not very expensive, although it can be pricey to buy. It does take a little bit of time to make though! I’m making a small batch of these next year so I can enjoy them for longer periods of time.
Christmas Decoration photo

Another great Christmas mantel decorator is a snowman! It has a white background with snowflakes in it and then has a red nose and mouth. You can purchase some snowman decorations in department stores, but I have found that a great idea is to go online and search for snowman ideas. You’ll come up with hundreds of ideas, from simple snowmen with a face painted red nose to intricate snowmen that are made of snow. I’m hoping that I’ll find more Christmas mantel ideas like this one in the future!

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