Clothes and Carpet Moth Treatment and Killer Kit

  • A government tested and licensed Moth Killer Kit for use in the home. Proven to kill Clothes Moth and Carpet Moths.
  • 2 x Mini Fumers and 1 x XL 5G LARGER MOTH FUMIGATOR: A ready to use Insecticidal Smoke Generator to kill moths. Releasing the smoke to access hidden cracks and crevices as well as clothing where moths will be found.
  • 1 x 500ml Protector C Moth Spray: A ready to use Moth Killer spray, to be applied to mattresses, headboards, carpets, sofas as well as inside drawers and cupboards where bed bugs hide. The spray is effective once dry and any moth will be killed as it contacts the spray.
  • 3 x Moth traps: Apply near clothing in cupboards to catch moths on the sticky trap.

A government tested and licensed Moth Killer kit, proven to work.

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