Comfysail S-Shaped Stainless Steel Hooks/Hangers for Kitchen, Living room, Cabinets, Bathroom, Bedroom, Office, Store (Sliver, Large, Pack of 10)

  • MULTI function hook, quite practical small objects.
  • BENDING PROCESS: the surface is polished with bright technology, clean and sanitary, not easy to hide. Not only stylish and beautiful, but also greatly enhance the bearing capacity.
  • FEATURED STAINLESS STEEL: to avoid the paint, scraping and other phenomena, not rusty, lasting as new. Too many clothes at home, wardrobe, small items commonly used everywhere, can not find? It does not matter, we can save space for the master of the product can help you solve this problem, a new generation of pure stainless steel upgrade s type hook heavy gravity, so that your closet clean and tidy.
  • S TYPE HOOK: the use of s design, with artistic aesthetic function of the maximum, can be linked to the tie, towels, etc., to use practical and convenient.
  • THE UTILITY MODEL IS WIDELY USED IN THE PLACES such as the wardrobe, the bathroom and the like, and is a good helper in your life! Can send a friend, send classmates, send colleagues, send good sisters, send lovers, good things to share with you!

In the kitchen can be wardrobe, always in trouble without messy clothes?

How to make your home more organized, to try our S type hook.

Simple and practical creative, easy storage and easy to carry, used to hook the life frequently used items, standing home a good helper.

Adopt high quality stainless steel technology, strong and durable, not easy to deformation, practical and convenient.

S type design, practical and beautiful. Hanging rod for kitchen, wardrobe hanging items, etc.

Scope of application: kitchen, living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office, store and so on.

Product use: one of the molding process, saving space, solid, durable and durable.


Material: high quality stainless steel

Color: Silver

Size: Large

Length: 13cm, distance 4.6cm 3.2mm, diameter 3.6cm

Weight: 170g

Product features:

1) delicate s type hook. You deserve to choose! Some time, we will lose the small items in a pile of clothes, this time a S-shaped hook can solve your trouble, let your wardrobe immediately became clean up, which not only save the stack tie, scarf, wardrobe saves space.

2) no deformation.S type unique design can be automatically restored without fear of deformation.

Note: the size of the manual measurement, there is an error, in order to the actual size of the main.

Package: 10 X S shape stainless steel hook

Lowest Price: £7.66
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