CUSHIONLIU Sofa cushion for leaning on of rural contracted lumbar pillow office chair bed car waist support cushion pillow cases Rose red Hanging waist pillow 30 * 50 core

  • Each pillow has a story, to add a bit of a better life
  • Without effort collocation can let you find everything new and fresh, soft and comfortable, close skin breathe freely, feel is smooth
  • Tie-in use more style, classic stitching color bright, feel is smooth, look expensive gas
  • The use of advanced technology, go line delicate and neat, positioning and firm, sealed package edge, strong and durable
  • On a good process, not in the washing knot group, do not run cotton, more suitable for machine wash, (recommended gentle model)

Pillow pillow type: cushion
Color Category: Purple Rose Red Light Yellow Rice White Green Purple Sky Blue Red Ink Green Sky Blue Jacquard Light Yellow Flower Flower Mirror Flower Blue Flower
Pattern: plant flowers
Jacket Material: silk
Filling: Other
Size: 45X45cm (without core) 45x45cm (with core) 50X50cm (without core) 50X50cm (with core) 60X60CM (without core) 60x60cm (including core) hanging spike waist pillow 30 * 50 does not contain core hanging lumbar pillow 40 * 60 with core hanging lumbar pillow 40 * 60 does not contain core
Style: Modern Chinese

Lowest Price: £49.00
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