Duck Brand Heavy Traffic Double-Sided Carpet Tape: 1.41 in. x 42 ft. (White)

  • Core: 3 inch diameter
  • Backing/Carrier: tear-resistant cotton cloth
  • Release Liner: white paper
  • Thickness: 14 mils (carrier, adhesive, liner) 11 mils (carrier, adhesive) 3 mils (liner)

Duck Brand Heavy Traffic Carpet Tape is a high quality, double-sided white tear-resistant cloth tape on a white paper release liner used for permanent carpet hold down and mounting. For indoor use; specifically it is ideal for high traffic areas such as hallways and bedrooms. Since this tape is for permanent installations removal could cause damage to not only the floor but also to the carpet.

Instructions To Apply Indoor Heavy Traffic Double-Sided Carpet Tape

• Thoroughly clean and dry floor surface.
• Apply tape, liner side up, pressing firmly to floor.
• Roll or fold one half or carpet cut to fit area back over itself. Remove tape liner, then roll or fold carpet back down to floor, pressing firmly for good adhesion.
• Then repeat for the other half of carpet.

If not otherwise specified widths shown in dropdown are in inches. NOTES: Sizes shipped will typically be the tape industry standard metric-cut sizes, i.e. 24mm for each 1 inch of nominal tape width ordered (rolls are approximately 5% narrower than the nominal size). This product’s actual size is 35.8mm wide.

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