Envii Blanketweed Klear – Blanket Weed Treatment Kills Weed in 24 Hours (300g)

  • Blanketweed Klear uses a powder to kill blanketweed in 24 hours by immediately releasing active oxygen
  • Dual action product that kills blanketweed and stops it from reoccurring
  • Immediate results with no adverse effects on fish
  • Suitable for any size pond with varying degrees of blanketweed
  • 1 x 300g pouch treats 10,000 litres

Envii Blanketweed Klear kills blanketweed with almost immediate results


Eradicates the most stubborn blanket weed algae within 24 hours by immediately releasing active oxygen into the water.
Dead algae can then be scooped out 24-48 hours later.
Blanketweed Klear is a Two stage solution as it also provides task specific bacteria in tablet form to be added to the pond after blanketweed has been eradicated. These unique bacteria deal with the breakdown of the remaining algae residues.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Use Blanketweed Klear early in the morning when blanket weed is at it’s weakest & check water pH is BELOW 8.5 and KH (carbonate hardness) level ABOVE 5.
We strongly recommend the use Envii Pond Equaliser to instantly buffers pH below 8.5 and KH above 5 and neutralises any toxic heavy metals and ammonia

  • Scatter powder (using the scoop) directly onto the blanketweed and wait for weed to turn brown, normally after 24 hours.
  • Physically remove any dead blanketweed from pond
  • Leave for 24 hours before adding bacteria tablets to breakdown any dead weed still in pond and reduce any nitrogen leaching from dying blanketweed

    The product can be applied several times in one season. However, a waiting time of 3 days is recommended before reapplying

    How To Use

  • To Kill Blanketweed – use 30-50 grams of powder per 1,000 litres/ 250 gallons of water. Each level scoop is 10 grams – scatter directly onto blanketweed – ensure good contact with blanket weed.
  • To Breakdown Dead Algae – After 24 hours add 1x tablet per 5,000 litres using a bucket of pond water, leave for 60 minutes to dissolve and add to the pond to breakdown dead algae.

    Before applying Blanketweed Klear check water values. Only use product if pH value is below 8.5 and the carbonate hardness (KH) is above 5dH (0.890 mmol/l CaC03.

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