Flamingo Candles Lemon & Lime Mojito Candle – Green

  • A fun and original collection of hand-poured, organic candles.
  • Quirky, contemporary designs, always incorporating our dapper friend Florrie the flamingo.
  • Our lifestyle candles are made with soybeans and natural cotton wicks.
  • Burn time up to 50 hours.
  • Wax weight: 200g, Total weight: 400g

Hand poured and hand in the UK, eco-friendly and organic, this stunning new range of candles from flamingo not only look fabulous and contemporary but are also made to perfection considering the environment along the way. This lovely lemon & lime mojito smells fabulous: Fruity and exotic Lemon & Lime Mojito is a fruity aroma incorporating notes of freshly squeezed juicy lemons combined with notes of warm orchids, infused with fresh lime with added notes of cool aldehydes, mandarin and grapefruit.
Why we use soybean oil and natural cotton wicks: Natural renewable source Fair trade Eco-friendly Pesticide free Cleaner burning Longer burning Cooler burning temperature Non-toxic Burn time: up to 50 hours

Lowest Price: £12.00
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