Folding Portable Beach / Camping Deck Chair – Red Stripe – Pack of 6

  • Comfortable, breathable canvas material
  • Dimensions: Height when opened: 785mm Chair height when folded: 700mm Seat height: 350mm Width: 531mm
  • Fixed position with strong supporting arms
  • Easy folding and opening mechanism
  • Great for days out in any environment

This portable beach chair is perfect for days out on the beech or in the garden with the family and kids so you can sit down in the comfort of a chair rather than sitting on the hard floor. Strong / supportive metal frame, making transferral of chair from one location to another an easy activity. Manoeuvre from folded position to open position is swift so the chair opens up easily. Comfy yet strong making it the perfect durable chair. The stripe design adds authenticity to the usual plain styled canvas of the portable folding bech chairs, making the chair look modern and fresh.

Lowest Price: £45.99
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