Gradel industrial design shoe rack

  • A handy piece of metal furniture for an entrance with style
  • Easy to combine, 100% metal product,
  • Product size : Length 55.00 cm / Width 121.00 cm / Depth 31.00 cm
  • Armchairs and Chairs > Benches

A handy piece of metal furniture for an entrance with style. The Gradel shoe rack is a quintessential industrial styled furnishing that combines practicality and vintage flare to create an everyday space for your shoes and various other itemsThis piece is entirely made out of metal as can be evidently seen. The backbone so to speak of the shoe rack consists of a metal bar like structure which covered a metal grid material used to make the rakes. In total the furnishing consists of 15 different storage areas, with the highest being two times the width of the proceeding shelves. The rack can be easily moved as there are 4 rollers that allow the piece to be easily pushed.Aside from the rack itself, the white mattress placed on top of the rack makes for a nice contrast of colour from the dark copper like colour of the rack. Functionally the mattress works perfect as a sort of bench which would be perfect for when putting on you shoes.Ideally this piece would be best placed in the front entrance of a home, where people can easily place their shoes and cut back on the clutter often found in front of doors that usually leads to someone tripping over a shoe.The stated height has been calculated without considering the mattress.

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