Grey Set Cotton Ball String Lights Fairy Party Decor Wedding Bedroom Garden and Spa Lighting by Yoocotton

  • String lights for bedroom ; It’s very recommend decorative lights for bedroom it so beautiful and make you have a good dream.
  • Patio string lights ; Make better living room place by decorate the cotton string lights.
  • String christmas lights ; for decorate Christmas tree or Christmas party have funny and enjoy.
  • Wedding decorations lights ; for happiness day make the better place for wedding party, you need beautiful lights for decorating just select the colours theme you need !!!
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Cotton String Lights

– 5.5 cm. Cotton Ball Dimension made from Cotton and Wire by Handmade

– 20 lights bulbs not flashing on White Color electric cord 220-240V. 50Hz 16.8W

– CE certificated NO 224967

– 2.5 Meter long 10 cm. space between light bulb.

– 3 of spare bulbs for replacement

Indoor Lights String

1. Indoor decoration light.

2. Light up your holiday party with the white string lights.

3. Hang a strand of lights around trees and turn any occasion into an instant party.

4. It is very good for decorate your party, home, shop and Christmas day.

5. The string light should be kept away from dampness, rain or mist.


1. To reduce the risk of overheating, replace burned-out lamps promptly. Use 6 volt lamps only (package included).

2. To reduce the likelihood of excessive heat and possible damage, use only decorative lamps accessories packaged with this product .

3. For in door and outdoor use. A 1 ways unplug this product before installing or replacing fuse and lamps.

4. For temporary (90 days max) installation and use only.

5. If the lights do not light up gently push up each bulb are into it’s socket to ensure all bulb are properly connected.

6. Light set should still work even if several bulb are faulty however it is advisable to replace the blown bulbs as that will prolong the lights of the rest bulbs.

7. Turn off the light every 12 hours. (prevent over heat)

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