LUFFY Natural Coco Hut – Eco Friendly, Non-toxic, Made of Real coconut : Smooth Edges, Comfortable & Cute Hideout: Snag-Free Surface to Keep Fish, Snail and other pets Safe: Perfect for Breeding

  • COMFORTABLE – Coco Hut is a perfect hideout for your fish, crabs and other aquarium pets. Its all-natural, eco-friendly material helps recreate the look and feel of their natural habitats, making them happier and healthier aquarium dwellers.
  • NATURAL, NON-TOXIC – Coco Hut is highly suitable for all aquaria and fish tanks. Its organic composition makes it attractive to pets and superior to plastic huts, which may contain toxic chemicals. Also, it affords a terrific, pet-friendly economization of space.
  • MAXIMUM PRIVACY – The single opening on this domed structure fosters a greater sense of privacy and security, making fish more confident, better rested and therefore more likely to breed.
  • 100% PET SAFE – The Coco Hut is carved by hand with smooth, carefully rounded edges. Snag-free surfaces eliminate rips and tears to delicate fins and tails, ensuring fishes’ and other pets’ maximum safety, comfort and enjoyment.
  • IDEAL BREEDING GROUND – Add distinction and natural appeal to your aquarium with the compact, multipurpose Coco Hut. It provides your fish with a home, a hangout, a playground, a hideaway and a spawning ground – all in one. Please make sure to give the Luffy Coco hut a wash with some soap before the first usage to avoid any dirt it might have caught during its journey to you. It has traveled long to become a part of your aquarium.

This multipurpose utilitarian aquarium ornament functions as shelter, security, privacy, entertainment and nursery for fish – all in one. Its natural composition, texture and look make fish feel in their element. The Coco Hut also affords them a much-needed retreat from the stress and hardships of the aquarium while adding a touch of natural beauty.

If fish can withdraw to a hideaway whenever they want to, they tend to be better rested, better adjusted and much more likely to breed. That is why the Coco Hut makes such an ideal underwater grotto.

The slender, solitary opening and cloistered recess of this unique, hand-carved piece inspire both security and intimacy. At the same time, its enticing portal, gently textured surface and naturally occurring irregularities provide fish and other pets with a fun and stimulating environment as well as a safe place for egg-laying.

Compact yet spacious, both fish and fish tank benefit from the Coco Hut’s ingenious structure. It occupies little of the precious space inside the tank while providing an astonishingly generous interior that can accommodate up to two or three fish at any one time.

Enhance the lives of your fish and the aesthetics of your fish bowl with this stunning aquatic essential.

Note: Please make sure to boil the Luffy Coco hut before the first usage, to avoid any dirt it might have caught during its journey to you. It has traveled long to become a part of your aquarium.

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