Mood Light Colour Changing Ball Sphere Lamp – 25cm LED Mood Lighting Orb Outdoor Garden Party with Remote by PK Green

  • Premium PK Green 25cm LED waterproof ball light. Bring light into every outdoor event
  • Control your static or colour changing light with the included remote
  • Pop into ponds and pools with waterproof feature – it can even float on water
  • Long lasting 8 hour battery will illuminate all night
  • Built-in battery can recharge for more light. No hassle with wires

Splash some LED colourful light into your outdoors with our range of waterproof ball lights.

The 25cm ball is the size fit for your pond and pool, to radiate it’s LED light onto the water surface. Watch the water ripple in a colourful light as the ball gently floats on the surface. Decorate around your garden and water features with the sizeable ball, with no risk of getting wet.

Let the glowing ball illuminate in your favourite colour with a choice of 16 colours accessible on the included remote. Want more? Create a blending light show with the gradual colour changing option to bring a mystic aura of beautiful illumination. Add more funk with the strobe and flash modes, creating a statement to liven up any garden party or event.

Hang around your garden with the handle feature. Add gleaming orbs into trees, fences and hooks to brighten above. The wireless battery power will let this orb settle without any worries of wires or charging mains.

On full charge, the globe will glow for 8 hours continuously and as the light starts to fade, charge it back up with wireless induction charging on the included plate.


– Size: 25cm diameter
– Weight: 700g
– Rechargeable Lithium battery included and built-in to the LED ball (induction charging)
– Battery life: up to 8 hours depending on colour setting. It takes about 6 hours to charge.

What you get

– Premium rechargeable waterproof LED ball light of chosen size
– Remote control
– Mains adaptor
– Ground spike

Lowest Price: £48.99
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