Oase UVC Spare Lamp 11 W

  • Clear water through Pond UVC (Ultra-Violet irradiation
  • Replacement lamp for OASE FiltoClear 6000 / 11000 and 15000 Filtral UVC FiltoMatic CWS 3000 5000 / 7000 BioPress and UVC 10000 BioSmart 16000
  • Highly effective floating algae, against bacteria and germs

This is a genuine Oase 11w UV Lamp for the Oase range of filters and UVC’s. The 11w bulbs have a PLS design with 2 small pin connections at one end only.
UVC Bulbs should be changed annually, ideally in the spring before the season starts. This guarantees full strength capacity of the UVC lamp for the summer months.
This Replacement 11w UV Lamp is suitable for the following Oase and Pontec models:

Oase Filtral 5000/9000
Oase BioPress 10000
Oase FiltoClear 6000/11000/15000
Oase BioSmart Set 14000/16000
Oase FiltoMatic CWS 3000/7000
Oase Vitronic 11w

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