OLTEX Breathable Caravan Awning Carpet / Groundsheet – Blue/ Grey – 2.5m x 6.0m

  • OLTex is fully breathable and allowed on all club sites.
  • All pieces come sealed so no fraying at the edges. Supplied in a great carry bag with handle.
  • All carpets have eyelets in their corners so there is no need to break the carpet.
  • It is lightweight but remains strong.
  • OLTex is rot proof and easy to clean.

Breathable Awning Carpet from OLPRO. 2.5m depth by 6m wide (8.2 x 19.7 feet).

Very lightweight, strong & breathable.

OLTex is also non slip, rot proof, washable, flame retardant & UV resistant carpet.

Fine to use on all club sites, OLTex is lightweight and compact compared to many other carpet.

All OLTex comes with sealed edges so it does not fray and with eyelets so it’s easier to peg down.

Packs down to 52cm x 52cm.


OLTex, from OLPRO is a very lightweight and compact breathable carpet for caravan and motorhome awnings.

Unlike some caravan carpets it does have a close weave meaning that you get very little moisture coming through the carpet but it does remain fully breathable.

Available in blue only and 2.5m depth OLPRO offer 10 different sizesof caravan awning carpet to cover all widths of caravan and motorhome awnings. All sizes come in a storage bag for the carpet.

Lowest Price: £33.95
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