Outdoor Portable Compact Beach Blanket Oversized 7’ X 9’ Waterproof Sand Resistant Nylon Picnic Blanket

  • OVERSIZED 7′ X 9′ BEACH BLANKET: The size of the blanket is bigger than most of the competitors and huge enough to fit the entire family. Unfold the blanket and lay it on the ground wherever you wish to use it.
  • SAND PROOF, WATER RESISTANT: Made of 100% parachute nylon. It is strong, durable and can withstand many years of use. Sand won’t stick to it and it dries in a breeze.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE, COMPACT: The size of the blanket is 82 x 106 inches when open, and only 19 x 8 inches when compact. The compact design of the blanket allows it to be stored and carried easily.
  • STAY ANCHORED: The beach blanket can be anchored firmly in any position, and the additional sand pockets could alternatively be used for storing your belongings like phone, sunscreen and other beach gears.
  • A GREAT GIFT: The beach blanket is ideal gift for family and friends. Perfect for Beach, Picnic, Outdoor Events, Concerts, Ball Games, Hiking, Camping, Indoor Slumber Party, Backyard Play Mat, Fishing, Family Movie Night.

Blanket Material:
1.This blanket is made of 100% parachute nylon. It has excellent weathering properties, better sunlight resistance
2.Excellent abrasion resistance. It is tough and durable to use for a long time
3.High resistance to insects, fungi, animals, as well as molds, mildew, rot and many chemicals. It prevents sand and dirt sticking as well

How to Use the Beach Blanket:
1.unfold the blanket on the beach
2.make the blanket stay down: fill the anchors with sand, soil or any heavy objects
3.store your valuables in extra pockets
4.turn up the corners a bit and you can keep your cooler and other items safely away from the sand

How to Clean This Blanket?
The beach a blanket is MACHINE WASHABLE. Use cold water for washing and HANG DRY. Do not bleach and iron.

Warranty guarantee:
RISK FREE PURCHASE – If you are unhappy with your purchase, you can contact us for a return. No questions asked.

Package Contents
1 x Beach Blanket
1 x Storage Bag

Lowest Price: £19.99
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