Pack of 3 Scented Sachets – Oriental Spice

  • Ashleigh &
  • Burwood Scented Sachets
  • Includes 3 x Scented Sachets
  • Safe, flameless and very versatile
  • Ideal for very small spaces

Enjoy beautiful fragrance wherever you are, with these Ashleigh & Burwood Oriental Spice Scented Sachets . Oriental Spice is exotic, spicy & woody. Warm, seductive and suffused with oriental intrigue. Delight in the spicy scent of star anise, kissed by the warming notes of nutmeg and cinnamon. Hints of clove and white ginger beautifully balance this scent, creating an exotic and arousing fragrance. If you liked our Epice D’or range, this is the same fragrance. Scented Sachets are a great way to fragrance your car, add a special touch to gift packages. Use them for silk flower arrangements, vacuum cleaner bags, simmering pot, closets, drawers, diaper bins, trash cans – anywhere where you need a touch of fragrance. Ideal for giving your lingerie and clothes a lovely delicate scent, just pop in a drawer or hang in a wardrobe. For more ideas on beautiful fragrance without the flame, try our Reed Diffusers , which give fine fragrance and also looks stunning on display, or Room Sprays simply bursting with freshness! We also have a great choice of Yankee Candle Pot Pourri , Electric Air Fresheners and Scented Beads , which can be placed anywhere in the home for a subtle scent. Ashleigh & Burwood Scente

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