Pest Expert® Demi-Diamond Clothes Moth Pheromone Traps (6 Holders & 6 Pheromone Pads)

  • Market leading pheromone moth trap effective against moth of the Tineola species.
  • Three important applications within pest management, ‘monitoring programs’ for data collation and early detection, ‘mating disruption’ and ‘attract to kill programs’ for mass trapping and population suppression.
  • Aids early detection before damage can occur
  • Perfect for monitoring activity following a moth treatment
  • Odourless and easy to inspect

Demi-Diamond are the market leaders in clothes moth traps and are one of the most popular moth traps in the UK. The greatest use of insect pheromones by far has been for monitoring existing populations, detecting the presence of invasive species and pinpointing the area from which an infestation is emanating. A monitoring program using the Demi Diamond Pheromone trap allows for other curative measures such as insecticidal application to be implemented intelligently. Demi Diamonds are can also be effectively employed as tools for mating disruptions, with research showing that even a small number of pheromone traps relative to the population size can delay the first and second mating in females by over 50%. The final important application for the Demi-Diamond pheromone trap within pest management is for mass trapping in ‘attract to kill programs’, these programs use a large number of traps and regularly spaced intervals, an effective technique using pheromones for direct population suppression. These Demi-Diamond traps contain a unique slow-release pheromone to attract the adult male of the Tineola species. Each pheromone pad is effective for approximately 8-12 weeks. This listing is for six clear moth trap holders and six pheromone pads.

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