Premium Citronella Outdoor scented Candles , Pack of 3. Deet Free. In a presentation tin. (Pebbles)

  • repels mosquitos and other flying insects
  • Garden, Patio, concert, picnic, Hiking, BBQ,
  • Made with real Citronella oil
  • Each Candle burns for up to 10 hours
  • Deet Free

With summer on its way and the Zika Virus being the World Health Organizations number 1 heath concern, our new range of Citronella candles are perfectly suited for the traveller who may find themselves in need of mosquito protection. Beautiful as well as practical these citronella candles are equally suited to the Patio as to the wanderlust’s suitcase and they make a great pop in the pocket present for the summer barbeques and picnic baskets . An OUTDOOR CITRONELLA CANDLE like NO OTHER. The perfect travellers companion at both home and abroad with appealing graphics comes with an impressive list of values: Powerful ‘FlyAway’ Formula Wind Resistant Design Easy Light Wood Wick 10 Hour Burn Time Re-sealable Anti-Spill Container It’s equally valuable at home on the patio table or in the ‘tea in the park’ picnic set as well as being needed in every hiker and campers backpack. As an Outdoor Mosquito repellant, We Guarantee our candle out performs cheap Chinese Imports..! Other great benefits besides from the OBVIOUS PRESENTATION APPEAL include ; 1. High quality approved product from trackable source, this fragrance is far superior to that found in Chinese product (which often does not contain real citronella extract.) 2. Long shelf life: The seal design ensures that the product end user receives full citronella essence. 3. Customer satisfaction ..product remains effective year by year so if not use for a long period of time it will perform well. 4. Unique easy light wood wick creates the right balance of smoke and light to be most effective. Mosquito’s are intolerant to smoke and citronella . 5. The wick remains after the wax has burned away enabling the tin to be refilled with lamp oil and used over for a long period of time. 6. Extremely giftable presentation, the any time present to walkers and outdoor party holders perfect for the outdoor picnic concert goer.

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