Pro-Active C 1 Litre Trigger (ClothesMoth/Carpet Moth Control)

Pro-Active C is a very wide spectrum crawling and flying insect killer and we have sold the active ingredient (Cypermethrin) for the past 6 years with excellent results. In top quality container and comes with a superb adjustable trigger head. Based on Cypermethrin 0.1%, (same strength as the previously sold Protector C) this water based product is of very low odour, has no solvent side effects, and is very effective against virtually all crawling insects. The chemical has excellent residual qualities combined with a good knockdown effect. Apply at one litre per 20 square metres for best results We suggest you wear a Face Mask (EN149) if you will be spraying above waist height or suffer from asthma. This product can be safely used where there are children or pets. just keep them out of the treatment area for 4 hours. This product is not considered suitable for application to clothing, Some of our customers do apply to clothes without issue but we would warn that if this is applied to clothes, they MUST be washed prior to wear as allergic reaction may occur. The product label indicates that you should not apply this product to clothing. Re-treat where necessary.

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