Acetek LED Grow Light 16W Double Head Clip Desk Lamp with 360 degree Flexible Gooseneck Light Adjustable 2 Level Dimmable for indoor plants Office Greenhouse Hydroponic Grow Tent Organic Organizer

  • Just the RIGHT SPECTRUM (460nm and 660nm) for your plants’ growth. Red light for blooming and fruiting+ blue light strengthen leaves and stems.
  •  DOUBLE head+ DOUBLE gooseneck+ DOUBLE switch= freer operation. True 360 degree light care.
  •  Totally 32 LED beads (Red:22, Blue:10)+ Clip range up to 2.3inch+ Cord length: 75inch+ Gooseneck: 11.2inch
  • USB connector+ 2A adapter= fully brightness and multiple charging choice.
  • Flexible goose neck also steady enough to hold lamp head, strong clip makes the attachment stable and secure.

Specification: LED quantity: 32pcs
LED color: red (620-660nm 10pcs), blue(460nm 22pcs)
Power: max.16W
Input voltage: AC 100-260V
Lifespan: 35,000 hours
Body material: Aluminum (heat dissipation)
Net weight: 14.8oz/420g

1. Insert the light by USB plug or adapter.
2. Each lamp head controlled by separate switch.
Level I: low Intensity
Level O: light off
Level II: High Intensity
1.Please put the grow light 8” to 20″ away from the plants in case of leaves burning.
2. As plants also need a rest, please turn off the light every 10-14 hours.
3. During using the light, give your plants more water. (This light is NOT water proof).
4. Do not look directly into the light, or shine into anybody’s eye.

Blue light: help to induce Chlorophyll and Carotene. Good for the growth of leaves and branches.
Red light: Main character for photosynthesis, good for blooming and fruiting.

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Three-Head LED Plant Lights 15W Plant Grow Light Red Blue Hydroponic Plant Growing Lamp with 360 Degree Flexible Gooseneck and Three Separate Control Switches for Indoor Greenhouse Hydroponics Garden Plants

  • The plant lights with three heads achieve 360-degree coverage of plants, base on the 15W ( 5W + 5W + 5W ) light source can cover a larger area, three switches achieve one switch independently controls one lamp.
  • Youthink grow light provides targeted wavelengths, 9 Red light (wavelength selection 630-660nm), 6 Blue lights (wavelength selection 460nm). Blue light is good for photosynthesis, Red light is best for blooming and fruits.
  • Aluminum material shell has good heat dissipation, Improved grow lamp head surface is more smooth, will not hurt your fingers, flexible gooseneck allows you to bend the lamp in any direction. Height: 19.7-inch (from base to head of lamp), Neck length: 15-inch, Cord length: 51.2-inch, Clamping can range up to 2-inch.
  • Helps accelerate the growth of indoor plants, flowering plants, foliage plants, potted plants, succulent plants, promoting leaves, flowers blooming and fruits. Extra light when raining, snowing, dark indoor. Suitable for balconies, greenhouses, darkroom, office and so on.
  • Guarranty: Standby to reply questions and emails within 24 hours, 30-day no-question-asked money back guarantee, 24 months replacement warranty (Non-human-damage) and lifetime customer support.

– LED Quantity: 15 pcs (9Red and 6Blue)
– Power: Max 15W ( 5Wx 5W x 5W )
– Input Voltage: AC110-220V
– Working Frequency: 50/60Hz
– Product Weight: 660g/1.45lbs
– Light Wavelength: red (620-630nm), blue(460nm)-
– Neck length: 39cm /15.3inch
– Cord length:128cm/50.4 inch

How does the light work?
9 red LEDs:with wavelength 620-630nm, rich sources in red light are more efficient and beneficial for photosynthesis, best for flowering and seed production.
6 blue LEDs:with wavelength of 460nm, blue light is more necessary for Chlorophyll and Carotenoid, good for the photosynthesis, best for promoting the stem and leaf.

Tips for using Youthink LED plant lights:
1.The appropriate length of the growing light and the top of the plant is about 20-45cm (7.8-17.7inch), 5-8 hours per day. You can shorten or extend the time in accordance with plants growing.
2.Please do not touch or knock the growing lamp body during working.
3.Please water you plants more than usual when you use the LED grow lights, but do not pour on the lamp, it is non waterproof.
4.This plant grow light is aimed to promote the growth of plants not completely replace the sunshine, There are many other factors play roles in plant growth.
5.Do not open it all the day for your plants or use the plant light more than 5 hours when in night. 24 hours of use also do harm to your plants. The right way to use this light is open it 5-8 hours during the day, close it within 2-3 hours when in night, plants also need time to rest.
6.If convenient, a reflector will help you create 360 degree coverage of plants.

Reliable customer service,respond within 24 hours, 30-day money refund guarantee, 1 year replacement warranty and lifetime support guarantee.

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8W LED Plant Grow Light, LifeBee Flexible Gooseneck Clamp 2 Level Dimmable Growing Lamp for Greenhouse Hydroponic Indoor Plants, USB powered

  • 16 pieces LED Bulbs (11 RED and 5 BLUE) with 2 Dimmable levels
  • Grow Light gives off targeted wavelengths (including 460nm and 660nm) light ray to promote plant germination, photosynthesis, blossom and bear fruit
  • Flexible Gooseneck lamp(Stainless Steel) with a powerful clamp: can be bent to any angle and direction steadily
  • Inside the clamp mouth both sides are padded and the brace of the clamp is also covered to protect your furniture
  • Energy saving Lamp powered by USB connection (USB adapter is not included) , low heat and power consumption with high luminous efficiency

colour: black
Material:  stainless steel, plastic, aluminum

item length(from head to clip): 20″ 
gooseneck length: 15″
light head diameter: 2.4″ 
cable length: approx. 60″ 

Grow Light gives off blue light and red light. The wavelengths of blue light
is about 460nm, and the wavelengths of red light is about 660nm.

Blue light is good for photosynthesis, and helps to induce Chlorophyll and Carotenoid; red
light is best for blooming and fruits, and is the key for flowering plants.

The grow light is well built and powered by a USB connection. 
It features a strong clamp to keep the light in place.
Easy to install at your home or office and convenient to operate.

The LED lights are dimmable with low, and high brightness levels. 
This allows you to vary the intensity of the light for different plant requirements or different times of the day.
LED beads quantity: 16 pcs
LED colour: Red (11pcs), Blue (5pcs)
Luminous flux: 200lm
Power: 8W
Input voltage: AC100V-240V
Working current: 0.3-2A
Protection Grade: IP44

Package include:
1 x LED grow light (USB adapter is not included)

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