Set of 3 Multi Coloured Solar Tree Pieces Branch Twig Leaf Outdoor Garden LED Lights Garden Border Beautiful Night Light Decorative Garden Patio Lamp Sun Powered Eco

  • Flexible branches can be shaped as desired
  • Set comprises of 3 Stems with 20 LED’s Leafs on each, a total 60 LED’s
  • Ideal outdoor use, decorate your garden, paths or borders for all year round use
  • Switch between Solid and Flashing Settings
  • Charged by UV light – Up to 8 hours on a full charge of 6-12 hours (approx)

The LIVIVO ® Set of 3 Solar Branch Lights are perfect for brightening up any garden or outdoor space. Manufactured from strong wire and acrylic, the Fexible branches can be shaped as desired and the transparent leaf design are ideal outdoor use, decorate your garden, paths or borders and can be used all year round. This striking set comprises of 3 tree branch teams with LED Leafs (White or Colour) on each for a total of 60 Lights. Extremely simple to install, these lights require absolutely no wiring or expertise. Simply position your lights in your garden with the attached solar panel nearby (making sure it gets plenty of sun). Charged by UV light, these lights can last up to 8 hours on full charge of 6-12 hours daylight (approx).

Height: 60cm (approx)
Ground spikes included
1m lead and 50cm tree space
1x AA 400mAh rechargeable Ni-MH battery included

Lowest Price: £13.99
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Decorative Brown Twig Branch Lights with Elegant Red Rose Flowers

  • Decorative Brown Branch Lights
  • Beautiful Red Rose Flowers
  • Measurements: Height 900mm
  • 3 Branches. 10 White LED Bulbs. 3m Cable
  • Free Delivery -Ref number 16217

These branch lights are perfect to light up all year round. Branch lights are ideal to be used as complementary or mood lighting for all living areas from bedrooms to living room. These natural brown coloured branch lights, decorated with red roses flowers are fantastic added to your home decoration. Twig lights are a great alternative to floor lamps or table lamps to light up dull corners or subtly light a room. This product comes pre-assembled and just needs to be plugged in.

Lowest Price: £9.99
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